Center of Excellence for Innovative Technologies
and NanoEngineering (CE ITNE)

About Us

Scientific research laboratory (SRL-109) was created in 2005 as a part of the Telecommunication department from the European Union funding of Ukrainian Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) project 3222 "Spatial anisotropy complete 3D-analysis in geometry optimizations of electro-, piezo- and acousto-optic interactions (new computer aided design of highly efficient optical modulators and deflectors)" (2005-2007 , project manager Andrushchak A.S.) and was further developed form the funds of the project STCU 4584 "Development of most efficient acoustooptic cell creation methodology for super-high-frequency control of powerful laser radiation "(2008 - 2010) as well as the Ukrainian- Polish project /138-2009 (2009-2010 ) and Grant of the President of Ukraine funded by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (GP/F56/167).

In 2010, Professor Andrushchak A.S. won an international grant and became the coordinator of the European project 272715 "New production technology development for most efficient and more stable application of electro-optic and nonlinear optical crystalline materials " of the Program FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IIF, which was successfully implemented initially in Czestochowa Polytechnic (Poland, 2011-2013), and then finished in the Lviv Polytechnic National University (return phase, 2013-2014).

In 2017, Professor Andrushchak A.S. and his research team won another international grant MSCA-RISE-2017-IMAGE 778156 of the European Program "Horizon 2020" (, in which the Ukrainian organization (Lviv Polytechnic National University) under the leadership of the project leader Andrushchak A.S. became the principal coordinator of such type of grants (for the first time in Ukraine), uniting 9 European institutions. For the successful implementation of this project on the basis of SRL-109 in 2018, the Center of Excellence for Innovative Technologies and NanoEngineering (CE ITNE) was created, where the international project IMAGE 778156 continues to successfully implemented now at the Department of Applied Physics and Nanomaterial Science (PFN) and such research and training laboratories have been created:

It should be noted that in recent years the state budget projects (SBP) SBP/Anisotropy (2016-2018, registration number 0116U004136) and SBP/Modulator (2017-2019, 117U004847) together with project of young scientists SBP/Nanocomposite (2016-2018, 0116U004412) were successfully completed on the basis of the created laboratories of RTC ITNE. Now state budget projects SBP/Nanocrystallite (2019-2021, 0119U002255) and SBP/Optima (2020-2022, 0120U00####) are being performed together with the current project of young scientists SBP/SubTera (2019-2021, 0119U100609). For more details on each of the above projects, see the "Projects" section of this site.

Based on the above mentioned projects in the laboratories of CE ITNE the experimental equipment for optical and quasioptical applied research was created, namely:

On available in the laboratory equipment all necessary basic and applied research for piezo- , elastic- , electro-, acousto- and nonlinear optical effects in crystalline materials of all classes of symmetry can be made for more efficient use of these materials as working elements of corresponding devices for controlling or converting laser radiation. An experimental base for the development and fabrication of a new class of crystalline nanocomposites with tailored anisotropy based on nanoporous Al2O3 or Si/SiO2 matrices and various water-soluble crystalline materials was created in the Laboratory of growth research and nanoengineering materials.

The team members of CE ITNE have a proven track records on these topics: more than 200 scientific and technical papers and 15 patents , 2 Doctor of Science and 4 PhD dissertations, has published over 110 abstracts at national and international conferences and symposia. Also, a textbook approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine was published (letter of 22.07.2011 1/11-6547 est.): Applied Electrodynamics of Information Systems: a textbook / A.S. Andrushchak , Z.Yu Gotra , A. Kushnir . - Lviv, Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House , 2012. - 304 p. as well as a number of monographs:

  1. Mytsyk B.G. Photoelasticity. - Lviv: Liga-Press, 2012. - 320 p.
  2. Bury O.A., Ubizsky S.B. Modeling and optimization of solid-state microchip lasers: a monograph. - Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2013. - 200 p.
  3. Andrushchak A.S., Bury O.A., Andrushchak N.A., Demyanishin N.M. Spatial anisotropy of induced optical effects in crystalline materials: a monograph in 2 volumes. Vol.1. Analytical description, geometric representation and experimental methods. - Lviv: Prostir M, 2019. - 200 p.
  4. Andrushchak AS, Bury OA, Andrushchak NA, Demyanishin NM Spatial anisotropy of induced optical effects in crystalline materials: a monograph in 2 volumes. Vol.2. Spatial distribution of electro-, piezo-, elastic- and acousto-optical effects in the studied crystals. - Lviv: Prostir M, 2021 (to be published).

Scientific research that can be performed in laboratories of CE ITNE corresponds to the scientific directions of the Department of PFN, is included in the fundamental-applied basic topics of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" and is at the level of world achievements.

At present, CE ITNI employees have sent the following requests for funding:

  1. APPLICATION for participation in the competition of scientific and technical developments under the state order "Development of a device and appropriate service for high-precision measurements of refractive indices of optoelectronic elements" (2020-2021, supervisor: Prof. Andrushchak A.S.).
  2. PROPOSAL for the program "Horizon 2020" H2020-MSCA-RISE-2020 entitled: "Quasi-Optical Technologies and Novel Materials for Advanced Manipulation of Sub-TeraHz and TeraHz Radiation", Proposal Acronym: "SUBTERA" (2021-2024, principal coordinator: Prof. Andrushchak A.S.).
  3. APPLICATION for the competition of projects for research and development "Support to research of leading and young scientists" of the National Research Fund of Ukraine entitled: "Unique growth technologies of nanostructured crystallization and MOS-hydride epitaxy to create the novel materials and control devices for electromagnetic radiation" (2020-2022, supervisor: Prof. Andrushchak A.S.).